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Chris Byers

Thank you for visiting my website and your interest in my practice. I have been lucky enough to work as a speech-language pathologist since 1989. It has been my passion and joy every day to help individuals become better communicators. I have worked with all ages from birth to 82!

I feel that I am unique in that I see each client as a whole. As they say, "It takes a village to raise a child," I believe it takes a team to provide the best possible intervention. I have treated individuals in special education schools, at home and in my private practice.

I have worked extensively with apraxia, receptive/expressive language delays, oral motor impairment including swallowing, feeding and drooling, and speech disorders. Also, having had vocal nodules myself, I love helping individuals with voice disorders. As a natural progression of my oral motor training, I also provide therapy for children and adults with orofacial myofunctional disorders.

This can include tongue thrust, mouth-breathing, incorrect swallowing patterns, tongue-tie, and abnormal dental and facial growth issues. Myofunctional disorders occur at all ages and can be helped!

Interactive Metronome has been an integral part of my practice since 2005. This brain-based therapy technique has helped individuals of all ages with processing, timing, attention, academics, memory, motor coordination and sequencing.

I have seen dramatic improvements and because of my speech and language background, have been able to individualize the intervention based on specific cognitive and language needs. I have also worked with elite level athletes to better their performances on the court and playing field.

I would love to meet you and have the opportunity to be a part of your or your child’s road to success! I am available for questions if you would like to learn more about me and my practice.

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